CON-E-CO LO-PRO 327SS - The most innovative concrete plant series on the market provides significant advantages over the competition due to its versatility and performance. Live-bottom aggregate and unique blending cement batchers ensure uniform and consistent discharge load after load, while its tight footprint and the low-profile design minimize site preparation and setup time. The LO-PRO’s built-in expandability and customizable features provide for ultimate flexibility to future-proof your concrete production needs. 327SS Self-Erect Concrete Batch Plant incorporates expanding ground mounts to increase plant mobility.  Engineered to achieve a new level of performance with a compact, self-erecting, and self-contained batch plant

  • Built-in hydraulics system self-erects to minimize start-up time and set up costs
  • 13-foot, 2-inch height from grade to the truck mixer charging hood eliminates the need to excavate for truck clearance
  • Available frame-mounted truck mixer or central dust control system along with a water batcher does away with additional freight costs and the need for a crane for erection




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